Posted by: Matthew | January 5, 2010

Office Space

Well, I haven’t really posted anything in a long time, so you’re probably annoyed at my blog, but I just moved into a new office today, so I actually have something to say… sort of.  I mean there’s still not a lot to say.  I just have my desk and laptop in here right now, so actually it feels a little more like I’m confined to a padded room, but I guess that’s not so bad either, huh?

Anywho, my office is located on the loop in the Central Park Office Complex (I don’t even know my address yet).  It’s the building right behind Coldwell Banker and right next to Rudy’s BBQ.  Come and see me.

Well now that I’m going to have a somewhat disciplined schedule (at least I’m trying), maybe I’ll blog a little more.  So check back soon and see if I’m lying or not.  Okay, I better get to work.  Later.


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